Hi, I'm Chris
Hello, I am Christopher Bravata; a Milwaukee-based creative studying at UWM for Design & Visual Communications with Honors. I currently work for the Milwaukee Bucks on their retail team. Beyond school and work, I enjoy traveling, filming, cooking, and gaming. I’m a passionate supporter of Milwaukee, its teams, its businesses and growth. I am driven by my life mantra which is “Be Different. Be Better. Be You.”
My Education
A world learned is a life lived.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Design and Visual Communications with Honors
I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts (PSOA) studying Design and Visual Communications with Honors.
Me and Tom Wellington at DesignMil 2018 / Photo from DesignMil.org
The Milwaukee Effect is profound - the act of treating everyone like family. Through an annual charity event known as DesignMil I exhibit the Milwaukee Effect and give back to this great community along with other jury-selected designers. Structured much like a 'hackathon', local designers are paired with Brewland-native non-profits and are given 12 hours to design logos, stationary, posters, videos, and much more.