During my freshman year at UWM, I was a resident and member of the Art & Design LLC (Living and Learning Community). LLCs are dorm clusters of like majored students. The first of our LLC meetings we made screenprinted T Shirts, featuring designs that I prepared. The design on the front of the shirt features a selected work from my Labyrinth project, where I am exploring the dedication and 'tunnel mindset' many people have when working on their passions. This particular mindset - Lost in the Dedication - works great for the Art & Design LLC, as it exemplifies the work ethic it's residents all possess towards our personal craft. The black and white color scheme harks to a tradition often found in art museums, where a grayscale color scheme is used to shift the main focus to the artist's work. This logo is simple and steps to the sidelines - allowing the true art of the LLC residents to shine through.
The front of the shirt.
The back of the shirt.