Wauwatosa West Trojans
Throughout my high school career I often felt like my school's logo was 'too generic'. In fact, as far as I have researched - it was internet clip art. As a side project, I crafted my own interpretation of the 'Trojans' identity. This included the creation of a custom typeface, a redrawn Trojan head and the introduction of some alternate marks.
The Trojan Head
A primary point of inspiration for the creation of these logos was the Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Admirals new logos. Much like how the Bucks have a hidden M, basketball, and a small omage to the Milwaukee Hawks hidden in their logo - I included many hidden elements into the Trojans head. Some rather hiddens elements include the gap within the Eyes and Mouth to resemble a T, and a W within the plume. I also included two W's for Wauwatosa West - one as a crest on the front of the helmet, and the other on the neck pendant.
The Alternate Marks
The longstanding rivalry of Wauwatosa West and Wauwatosa East is the primary inspriation of this alternate mark. Both schools feature traveling trophies for their Football and basketball programs. These trophies, a Sword for Football and Shield for Basketball, are the inspiration for these alternate marks. The sword is positioned to resemble a 'T' and the shield featuring a 'W' design. When together, the Shield and Sword make up the school's 'acronym' TW, and signify success in regards to the rivalry trophies.
The design on the shield is reflected in a simplified manner on the Trojan head as a neck pendant. This pendant is comprised of three shapes, drawing parallel to the Trojan Way's three pillars; Work Hard, Get Involved, Achieve Success.
These unique and original designs are a game changer in terms of bringing a revamped and fierce look to Tosa West. It is my firm belief that everyone at Tosa West will be behind these sharp and cunning edge designs.
Lucas Metzner, Class of 2020
The Meandros
Majority of the logos I designed feature a pattern known as a meandros, a pattern repeated through a continuous line. While simply incorporating a meandros to enhance the visual aesthetic would be nice, I took it a step further by implementing a T and W into the infinite pattern.
The Meandros Pattern
The Typography
I wanted to retain the collegiate feel as much as possible, so I knew a slab serif was a solid foundation. From there, I looked to roman and greek architecture for visual cues that I could integrate with the lettering. I instantly connected the idea of columns with the stem of each letter.
Jerseys and Additional Designs