Hey there.

I’m Chris Bravata, a student designer studying the science of visual communication in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My practice focuses on brand identities and experiences, apparel, and typography; each with a thoughtful consideration for the respective audiences they to bring joy to.  In addition to my studies, I work for the 2021 NBA World Champions — the Milwaukee Bucks, play ultimate frisbee, and photographing urban life.  Regardless of what I am doing, at the core - I want to make the world a happier place.  For me, I measure this with a smile.  It costs us nothing to smile, but it makes each of our lives just a little bit better.  That’s why I design with a smile in mind. :)

My Philosophy

Typography. Iconography. Color. Sound. Alone they tell ideas, and together they share emotions. These are just a few systems of language. They allow people to communicate with others, sharing experiences, knowledge, and goods in an ever-growing connected world. It is the responsibility of the designer to understand these systems to craft concerted messages across an array of media. With the advent of technology, people have become reduced to usernames, with our interests and expressions quantified as likes and follows. 'Productivity hacks' and 'maximizing efficiency' have become industry buzzwords that squeeze out every bit of energy within the grueling work week. Our spaces have become highways that emphasize getting from A to B in the least amount of time possible, literally and figuratively. What happened to "enjoying the journey"? What happened to the people behind the message and those receiving it?

To design with a smile in mind is a commitment to see people as people; and to build at a scale that feels best for them, first and foremost. When these fine details become aligned across the spectrum of communication, it can craft an elusive feeling of joy that many can not explain; so they cannot help themselves but smile. It is uniquely human to smile and experience joy. The marker of successful design in my eyes comes from the simple smile. One that arrives under the radar but radiates throughout the space. One so contagious that we all cannot help ourselves but join in. A smile is so genuine that it alone signifies comfort, pleasure, and confidence. All possible because the person was put first - rather than the message.

My Toolkit

What I'm Enjoying...